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Perennial can help with advice and support across a whole range of challenges that might be affecting you and your family.

Whether you are experiencing  problems with housing or accommodation, disability, long-term illness,  bereavement or the unique challenges that come with old age, Perennial is here to support you.

Call us on 0800 093 8543 or email us to find out more today.

We provide advice, help and support to everyone working in or retired from  horticulture during times of need.

Each individual’s circumstances are different, but following an initial telephone call, their contact with us usually begins with a  visit from a professionally trained caseworker to help find a solution and offer  support for their particular situation. We aim to provide a one-stop shop to help  our clients get back on their feet.

We can help:

  • offer advice on a range of social and financial benefit eligibility and support you in applying and claiming
  • provide debt advice and financial support, in times of crisis
  • help with training and education  for you and your family
  • give support when problems arise with your employer
  • provide services for the disabled, vulnerable, elderly and bereaved
  • provide direct grants and help to find and apply for other statutory funding sources
  • offer advice on housing problems from temporary accommodation to registered care

When a problem occurs, we respond quickly and effectively to the needs of the individual concerned – at whatever time of life that need arises.

There is no standard answer to a problem and our approach is one of identifying the best methods of support and getting them into place as soon as possible.

Our services are free and confidential.


Download our Help & Advice leaflet to find out more.


of clients said we had a 'huge' or 'quite big' positive effect on their lives. (Perennial client survey 2011)

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The future’s bright for John

After working all his life in horticulture, John retired to Spain where he was able  to supplement his small pension with part-time gardening work. But when he  became ill and too frail to work, John’s dream retirement turned into a  nightmare as the exchange rate reduced the value of his pension; he ended up  selling all possessions in order to live. He became confused and was unable to  look after himself properly; finally a concerned neighbour contacted a British  friend who brought him back to the UK in 2010.

We were alerted to John’s desperate situation when he eventually moved into  sheltered accommodation. He had no furniture or kitchen appliances and was  living on a negative disposable income. Perennial arranged an immediate visit;  our caseworker helped John with an application for Housing Benefit, and we  have since provided grants towards carpets, furniture and appliances and  awarded a regular quarterly benefit, so John now has a small net income.

Perennial will continue to give whatever help and support John needs, for as long as it is needed.


of new clients in 2013 were under retirement age

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We know how hard it can be to make the call or draft the email to ask for help – our clients often tell us how hard they found making that first move. We can only offer you our reassurance that we take all enquiries for help seriously and offer a professional, compassionate and efficient one-stop-shop service and aim to get you back on your feet as soon as possible.

If you would like to know more about how Perennial could help you and your family, please contact us by telephone, email or post to tell us, in confidence, about your particular situation.

Our team of dedicated caseworkers aim to visit all new clients within 10 days of making contact. We will deal with your enquiry quickly, professionally and in the strictest confidence.

To find out whether we can help you or to ask for further information, please contact us – all our advice and support is free and confidential.

General Advice Line: 0800 093 8543

Debt Advice Line: 0800 093 8546


Or send us a message now using our online form to tell us more about you and your situation


of clients in 2013 were referred to Perennial's debt advice service

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